‘This will prove to you I am not an introvert’, said a friend of mine when I told him he might be an introvert. He showed me photos of him enjoying a party. I wanted to tell him that being an introvert and enjoying a party don’t contradict each other and that he doesn’t have to deny being an introvert.

After a rocking party you are likely to get either of the following reactions, 1. ‘Wow, that was a great party, it was nice to see everyone, now I need some time alone’ or 2. ‘Wow, that was a great party, lets go to another one, I don’t want the fun to stop’. Reaction 1. you are an introvert Reaction. 2 you are an extrovert. Both are great!

Extroverts get their energy by being around people, introverts get theirs by being alone. They are the ones who will take time to think things through and will probably feel totally bushed if they have to spend too much time in the company of people. That is not to say that they are recluses, they just need to balance the time spent with people and the time spent alone.

Lastly, to my friend mentioned above, whether you are introverted or extroverted, doesn’t matter to me in the least buddy!!


13 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Welcome, madame…. 🙂
    And quite an interesting start! 🙂
    And my blog stands vacant… the World Inside “My” Head….wondering how to start..and where….
    Another introvert..Huh?
    he he he

  2. I just came across this and it’s quite refreshing to see a blog being started by an introvert about introversion. I haven’t seen too many of these before and I surf through a lot of blogs! Anyway, you are right about the differences between introversion and extroversion – everyone recharges from socialization in different ways.

    And I think it’s awesome there’s a whole other world inside the head, I know I have one!

  3. As an introvert, I am glad to see that there are other introverts out there sharing their view of the world.
    And I totally agree with the blog headline – introverts have an intriguing world inside their heads (and sometimes they even share it with others).

  4. I identify with your description of introverts. My mum and I (both introverts) recently enjoyed a Meditteranean cruise. On New Years Eve we were sitting in her cabin enjoying a cup of tea right up until 11.55pm. We then made our way up to the noisy celebrations ready for 12am – we muscled our way in to the centre of the dance floor where all the action was and we danced non-stop for about one hour like two party animals. After that (like true introverts) we retired to a quieter room for another cuppa before going back to our beds.

  5. A good start. I looking forward to your post as this ‘introvert/ extrovert ‘ thing bugs me.Here i am sure i will get a new perspective 4 sure.

  6. There are parties– and then there are parties… it all depends on your definition, and there’s a continuum, just like introverts can range from mildly introverted to very introverted.
    I find as an introvert parties can be fun IF:
    they included good quiet conversation, have 12 or fewer people and don’t blast you with music or force you to (bleah!) network, dance, do small chit-chat.
    Parties with loud dance music, flashing lights, lots of people, lots of noise and “high energy” just are tiring. Give me headaches…

  7. Very good. Is more to follow? Do you think introverts have a hard time makeing and keeping friends or is that more of a loner trait?

    • Yes more is to follow. And I think introverts might have a harder time making friends as they naturally prefer to be alone, that is not to say that they don’t need friends. About keeping friends, I don’t know the answer to that myself

  8. effectively written. here’s an introvert in a nutshell, pun intended! i identify with so many of the traits listed by you. it does become necessary to be ‘left alone’ at times, despite being amidst liked people and places.

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