Me time – or the lack of it…

In her great book on introversion The Introvert Advantage Dr. Marti Laney mentions introverts often dealing with the feeling of ‘running with their tank on empty’. That feeling has become my constant companion over the past months. I am always pressured and feel that each day I am just dragging myself when I am not at my best. This pressure is not the usual pressure of work or studies, it is what I feel when I don’t have time for myself. Living in the company of many, and being too busy to give time to myself is taking its toll. I don’t remember the last time I kicked back and relaxed with a book I wanted to read or simply kicked back and relaxed…

As I was reflecting on my situation, this phrase ‘running with my fuel tank on empty’ struck me. How true it is. Having to be around people always – even those whom I like – and being too busy to have some ‘me time’ is not conducive to being an introvert. I find myself thinking often of the old Hindi song Dil Dhoondta Hai Phir Wohi Fursat Ke Raat Din very often these days.

PS: For anyone interesting in introversion, The Introvert Advantage is a must read.


7 thoughts on “Me time – or the lack of it…

  1. Couldn’t agree more with that description! It is the most difficult concept to convey to extroverts – when you tell them “I just need to be alone and regain some energy” the responses range from head-shaking to downright derision to expressions of feeling rejected because you don’t want to spend 24 hours a day with them. Introverts are a persecuted minority IMHO!

    Just imagine the productive energy released if all of the world’s introverts were allowed to behave true to their nature! Many ‘leaders’ are extroverted and don’t realize that by treating introverted employees like extroverts they are draining them and making them far less productive.

    Not familiar with “Dil Dhoondta Hai Phir Wohi Fursat Ke Raat Din”, what does that translate too?

  2. I understand wat ur sayn… but wat does a person who is a mix of an introvert nd n extrovert do ? N were does he fit? N u hav just describd life in a city to the T!

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