Meetings – specially the official ones are a pet peeve for many introverts and I am no different. Seriously, what is the point? Everybody else in my team looks forward to one for some reason, but according to me they eat into the time I could have used to work. My boss could just have sent a mail copied to all and we would all have got the message. Perhaps the bosses were serious when they asked if anyone had any questions. I had none because like every introvert I need time to chew over what I had just been told.

What bugs me most in a meeting is that while working I am ‘in the zone’ and all of a sudden I have to drop it all and go to the conference room. Really, that’s counter-productive! And it takes me some time to get back ‘ in the zone’ and sometimes I don’t get back at all. I suppose to an extrovert it is the perfect democracy where everyone sits together and shares ideas, but to me it is just me not working…


2 thoughts on “Meetings

  1. I completely agree. And most office meetings are simply a waste of time. People talk for hours, but at the end of the meeting, there is no result.
    Even worse are people who walk into my office and feel they need tell me about some minor problem in epic detail.
    Offices would definitely be different if introverts ruled the world ;-).

  2. Yeh, group-meeting frustration is one of the biggest reasons I would never return to employment in the typical workplace. 😦

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