Rejection, that isolated feeling you get, like the last person in the room just left turning the lights off, either forgetting that you’re there or as an unsaid reminder of not wanting you there. It hurts the way a gush of cold air does when a fast car goes by too close to you in winters. It’s not like hatred which I assume must feel like the hot burn of a fresh scratch. I wouldn’t know, I’ve never been hated, only rejected.

Sometimes rejection comes in the form of a half-hearted acceptance, like the polite nod in a boring conversation. You slowly realise it and slink away to protect your own ego. And you can’t even grudge the person rejecting you, you’ve done the same to others too. You had the right to do so, so does the person rejecting you. Mind you, I don’t think it is karma, it’s just a part of living. It still hurts though as it brings up memories of past rejections.

If I had to find a silver lining to it I’d say it makes you all the more cherish the relationships where you do get acceptance. But there is a cloud attached to that too, you may compromise what you think is right in lieu of continued acceptance.

I guess sometimes having a heart just hurts.


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