Bulleya pahuncha 2015 wich



Makeh gaya, gal mukde naheen
Bhawain so so jummay padh aaiye

“How dare he!! He is insulting our sacred place and hurting the sentiments of billions of Muslims across the world”

Breaking News: Someone, somewhere has issued a fatwa

Ganga gaya gal mukdi naheen
Bhawain so so gotey khaaiye

“Gasp! Just because Hinduism is so tolerant, these outsiders think they can insult it howsoever they want!! Ganga is our sacred river. He has hurt the sentiments of thousands of Hindus across the world”

Breaking News: Case filed in random court by some obscure organisation nobody heard about before

Gaya gaya gal mukdi naheen
Bhawain so so pand padh aaiye

“Buddha attained enlightenment there! His is a message of peace. We have a number of white people here for our validation”

Breaking News: Petition and representation, some group manages to meet the CM

Bulleh Shah gal taeyon mukdee
Jadon main nu dilon gawaaiye


Padh padh alam fazal hoya

“insulting our religious scholars!!”

Kadee apnay aap nu padheya ye naeen

*umm…err… *

Ja ja warrda mandir maseetey

“Aha!! He is attacking all religions! He is a western agent, out to damage the secular fabric of our country. Has no respect for our ganga-jamuni tehzeeb. We are united against western culture.”

Breaking News: Various religious leaders have decided to show up on TV together, are going to meet someone important

Kadi mann apne wich vadeya nai

“but, but we do charity also no”

For those of us who still get the message in these mad times, here is a beautiful rendition. As long as we still have our words and our sur, perhaps there is hope. Perhaps.


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